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Girder clamp Δ yellow

Load capacities from 1.000 to 20.000 kg


E-Class: 36-12-34-49


Girder clamp Δ yellow

Load capacities from 1.000 to 20.000 kg

  • extremely versatile when lifting, pulling or as an anchor point
  • enables maximum handle adjustment
  • simple application

Dimensions of girder clamp Delta yellow

WLL kgTrägerbreite mmA mm min.A mm max.B mm min.B mm max.C mmD mmE mmF mm min.F mm max.G mm min.G mm max.H mmkg/Stück
100075 - 220702601803606452151021552582223.5
200075 - 220702601803607462151021552580224.5
300080 - 32075354235490103826014022545120249.5
500080 - 3207535423549011010260140225451182811
1000090 - 3208036532050512012280170235501154016
2000090 - 37025045051271319616463315361961487039.6

Additional information

WLL in kg

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Regular inspection according to DGUV

Yes, because it is a load handling device. An examination by an expert is required at least once a year.

In this case it is a visual and functional check.

Static proof is also required for non-series products.

Basically possible if the expert is available and the entrepreneur has made the appointment as expert. A suitable test device must also be available.

The inspection must be recorded in writing. The test report must be presented to the authorities on request.

This product is also subject to annual inspection according to DGUV.

You too can benefit from our inspection service!

I like to check for you too !

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