accessories for load attachment

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Here you will find components for connecting the sling to the load, such as hooks, shackles and lifting points.

To make sling ropes, you need bow rope clamps.

Additional items are tensioning elements as well as assembly aids and care products for steel cables.

Regular inspection according to DGUV

No. But all parts that are used to lift loads (hooks, shackles, assembled end connections) must be checked at least once a year by an expert according to DGUV 100-500.

This is a visual and functional test.

Basically possible if the expert is available and the entrepreneur has made the appointment as expert.

The inspection must be recorded in writing. The test report must be presented to the authorities on request.

Please observe the original operating instructions

This product is also subject to annual inspection according to DGUV.

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accessories for load attachment

accessories for load attachment