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Chain slings manufactured according to EN 818-4 in quality class 8 or PAS 1061 in quality class 10 and their components such as hooks according to EN 1677 are designed for around 20.000 load changes under full load. They are not designed for constant, dynamic loads (e.g. in industrial production) when the full load capacity
is used. Use with continuous, high dynamic loads must be compensated for by reducing
the bearing stress or using larger nominal thicknesses. In such a way
used chain slings or components must be regularly monitored and replaced in order
to avoid breakages. If more than 20.000 load changes are used and the chain is used as a sling
on electromagnets, the chain thickness should be increased by at least one nominal chain thickness.

Regular inspection according to DGUV

Yes. According to DGUV 100-500, an examination by an expert is required at least once a year.

Yes. Chain slings must be checked for cracks every 3 years.

Basically possible if the expert is available and the entrepreneur has made the appointment as expert.

The inspection must be recorded in writing. The test report must be presented to the authorities on request.

Please observe the original operating instructions

This product is also subject to annual inspection according to DGUV.

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chain slings

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