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about load handling equipment

A load handling equipment is a component or piece of equipment that does not belong to the hoist, which

a) enables the load to be grasped and

b) that is attached between the machine and the load or on the load itself, or

c) which is intended to become an integral part of the load, and

d) that is placed on the market separately.

The load handling equipment includes, for example, lifting clamps, grippers, claws, tongs, lifting magnets, C-hooks, cross beams, vacuum lifters.

Regular inspection according to DGUV

Yes. According to DGUV 100-500, an examination by an expert is required at least once a year.

Yes. If it is not a series product, the static proof must also be kept ready for testing.

Basically possible if the expert is available and the entrepreneur has made the appointment as expert.

The inspection must be recorded in writing. The test report must be presented to the authorities on request.

Please observe the original operating instructions

This product is also subject to annual inspection according to DGUV.

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load handling equipment

Load suspension equipment = lifting gear