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Polyester flat webbing slings EN 1492-1

double layer – with reinforced loops


E-Class: 36-12-34-17


Polyester flat webbing slings EN 1492-1

double layer – with reinforced loops

The flat webbing slings with reinforced loops are made of high quality polyester fabric. The belt material is light and heat stabilized. The woven loop reinforcement does not swell when wet.

Unless otherwise requested, we deliver the fabric sewn in 2 layers.

The belt width is 30 mm per ton of load capacity. The coloring corresponds to the European color code.

As standard, we deliver the loop at the belt level – for belt widths from 90 mm to 1/3 bandwidth, up to 60 mm to 1/2 bandwidth.

Flat webbing slings are characterized by their low weight and good handling.

Please note:

When in use, the opening angle of the loops must not exceed 20 °.

For large crane hooks, please adjust the loop length accordingly!

This product is marked with a unique serial number. This simplifies the clear assignment of the test documentation and does not force the user to assign their own inventory numbers.

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Regular inspection according to DGUV

Yes. According to DGUV 100-500, an examination by an expert is required at least once a year.

Yes. Chain slings must be checked for cracks every 3 years.

Basically possible if the expert is available and the entrepreneur has made the appointment as expert.

The inspection must be recorded in writing. The test report must be presented to the authorities on request.

This product is also subject to annual inspection according to DGUV.

You too can benefit from our inspection service!

I like to check for you too !

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