PPE against falls from a height

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Lifespan of personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE) from Tractel®

Reduction of the service life due to environmental influences

The life of the product can be reduced by penetration of dirt, paint and solvents, damage by UV rays, etc. It is the responsibility of the qualified or knowledgeable person to carry out the check and the user to test the product for correct functionality before use.


If the product caught a fall, it must be put down.

Tractel® no longer specifies a lifespan for personal protective equipment.

In fact, Tractel® Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be deployed and used without restrictions related to their date of manufacture. This applies under the following conditions:
• Normal use in accordance with the instruction manual.
• Storage and transport instructions for the product must be observed exactly as specified in the operating instructions.
• A periodic inspection of the products is carried out at least once a year by a qualified or competent person. Following this test, the PPE product must be documented in writing for further use.
• A complete, written history is available for the product you intend to use.

That applies to* :
• Tractel® textile PPE products such as full body harnesses, lanyards, ropes and energy absorbers
• Tractel® mechanical PPE products such as stopcable, stopfor ™ fall arrest devices
• blocforTM fall arrest devices
• Tractel® lifeguards

PPE lifespan
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